HOPE ROPE: Hold On Pain Ends

If you read my previous two blog posts Feel What You Need to and Let It Pass and The Brain Takes Years to Fully Heal. You've Got Time, it’ll be clear why I designed the new Hope Rope range. The last two months have been especially hard for me.

I temporarily lost all hope and had days of being so consumed by my physical symptoms post brain surgery that a permanent future of adapting to them seemed near on impossible. Whilst waiting for specialist appointments, and a little more clarity on how things looked, the Hope Rope range, as with anything BITB related, kept me distracted and hopeful. It gave me a reason to hold on through that painful period.

I’ve always felt most productive and inspired to create things when going through my own challenges, mostly because I instantly recognise never wanting anyone else to feel that way either. I personally know how powerful my quote bangles have been for me throughout the past two years leading up to brain surgery, recovering from a cerebellar stroke, relearning simple things again, embarking on corrective surgeries and navigating the life I once knew except now with a visible difference and visual impairment. Despite my bangles getting me through all of that, sheer overwhelm caught up to me the minute I finally sat with my emotions at the start of this year.

I’ve since learnt that’s it’s ok to feel different things. We don’t have to be positive everyday or suppress certain emotions. Life comes in waves and our emotions will be unpredictable, just like our circumstances. What truly kept me going was to “Hold On Pain Ends”.

Even though right now might be dark for you, trust that incredible possibilities still lie ahead. H.O.P.E. 💛🌈

As always, 10% of profits are donated to the incredible Brainstrust charity to keep supporting others affected by a brain tumour; helping them to feel less alone and more in control.


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