My Story

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Hey 👋 I'm Sammy, 

I founded Beauty in the Brain (BITB) in 2019 whilst preparing for brain surgery to remove a pilocytic astrocytoma.

Knowing that most of our anxieties stem from habitual feelings of worry and the irrational anticipation we have for threats and dangers, I knew I needed to switch my mindset and focus on the good things around me.

Because of this, I inscribed my favourite mantra - 'something good is about to happen' - onto a beautiful bangle to offer a little boost whenever I needed it and a constant, subtle reminder that everything would be okay because better days were on the way.

But wearing my bangle daily throughout 2019, and realising how powerful it had been for me, sparked the idea to turn it into something that could continue to help and inspire others on their own journeys.

There was a very surreal moment on my brain tumour journey, when Brainstrust paid for me to have a private consultation with a brain surgeon after receiving two very conflicting views. It was at this point that my attitude towards charitable giving changed forever as I suddenly found myself benefiting from someone else’s fundraising and experienced the impact that support has on a person's life first-hand.

From that moment on I promised myself that, as soon as I was better, I would find a way to support Brainstrust, which is why I continue to donate 10% of profits.

I’m extremely thankful to say the entire brain tumour was removed. But in the process, I suffered a rare cerebellum stroke, causing a permanent visual impairment and facial paralysis.

But BITB has honestly been the best focus.

Every single aspect of it has aided my recovery in some way.

From practicing my stroke affected handwriting on packaging labels/personalised notes (which I still do!) to strengthening my cognitive ability by blogging about my recovery journey.

It has immersed me into the brain tumour community, provided me opportunities to meet others, share stories of hope and continue to donate to causes that have played a huge part in this journey.

Since founding BITB, it's grown to even more inspirational quote bangles and bracelets, meaningful necklaces, positive stationery and now t-shirts; each piece inspired by an element of my journey.

I wanted a place of recognising that life throws curve balls at us. But with the right tools, beliefs and beautiful daily reminders, we can handle any challenge, overcome adversities and change our reactions to events that might be out of our control.

My hope is that BITB empowers you to dream big, do more, breathe and trust in your ability to handle whatever challenges life throws at you.

I hope my blog posts offer reassurance through your own hardships, whilst my products continue to inspire you to live your dream life whilst supporting someone else to live theirs.

Sammy x

Founder of & Positive Psychology Coach