Never Waste A Good Crisis - Bracelet - (Gold)

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Let this bracelet provide a constant motivator to see the opportunity in every adverse situation. Accept that you cannot always control what happens to you in life but you can choose to view it as an opportunity, see the best in it and make every experience meaningful.

*10% of profits are donated to Brainstrust to support others also affected by a brain tumour. 

Size: (width – 3mm) (length – 6inches)


Made from stainless steel, each bracelet is designed for everyday, long-term wear. They are tarnish-resistant, keep their shine and are strong and durable.

Each bracelet is 14k plated in either gold, rose gold or silver.

Adjusting your bracelet

Bracelets can be adjusted for the ideal fit, and can be worn on different-sized wrists.

To tighten, when your bracelet is on your wrist, gently but firmly squeeze either side until the desired size is met.

To widen, gently pull either side of the bracelet until it fits comfortably.


Each bracelet comes in a BITB branded box that is fully recyclable.