Reasons to Trust the Path You're On

As we come towards the end of another year, I'm sitting down to do my usual reflection (see my 2020 reflection here). I don't think life will ever be completely the 'same' for me as pre-surgery. In fact, it's taken me two and a bit years to really let that belief go, and stop waiting for things to get back to the way they were. And to tell you the truth, I now wouldn't trade my current reality to get back to where I was, which is something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would say, or fully accept, whilst first recovering from my post brain surgery stroke in 2019. Given the choice, I wouldn't seek a central gaze with no nystagmus, to see one of everything from all angles, to smile widely and effortlessly, or to have a strong right arm again, because all of it has led me to this point today.

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Right now is totally different for me, and I think everyone that goes through a massive life-change, almost overnight, feels the same level of grief for their previous life as I first did. But I'm realising more and more lately that a new life doesn't have to mean the end of a goal you previously had, or the end of your possibility to be fulfilled and happy. A new life simply means a new way of living and a chance to really appreciate what you value. So, I'm beyond proud of the journey I'm now on, even though it's so different to the 'plans' I had before - of climbing the corporate career ladder, studying hard and chasing a career in finance - I feel far more fulfilled that ever before, now writing for a living, helping others overcome their challenges and adopting an outlook on life that has open doors to new opportunities and experiences. 

I might not be physically able to do some of the things I previously set out on a path to achieve, after waking in a permanently wobbly world, but right now is proof that sometimes the 'bad' things that happen in our lives open the doors to some of the very best and most fulfilling experiences we can have.

When I first started this blog, I didn't for a second think anyone would read it, I just enjoyed playing around with WordPress widgets in the middle of the night and publishing a mass recovery update for friends and family, rather than having to repeat myself over and over. It was purely a way to stay creative, connected and fulfilled whilst recovering, on long-term sick from work, and to maybe help just one other person diagnosed with a brain tumour.

I never imagined it would help as many people as it has so far, overcoming all kinds of challenges, not just a cancer diagnosis, and it has honestly been so rewarding sharing stories and building those supportive connections. Seeing the brand that helped me recover, heal and hold on, grow and be published this week in the Guardian and Daily Mail, just fills me with such gratitude for this whole journey and everything I've learnt along the way. I'll be going into 2022 fully trusting that the path I end up on is now the right one at the right time.

I hope to you help you realise the same and really welcome you to have a look at my online course, or send me a message at 

Sammy x

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