The Inspiration Behind ‘Something Good Is About to Happen’

Something good is about to happen.

There is something about these few words that make me excited with anticipation.

Whenever I find myself worrying about the uncertainties of life, I say them often to bring myself back to a place of believing there is good in the world. This life isn’t out to get you; it will throw things at you, sometimes huge things, but no more than what is believed you can handle. It’s a matter of ups and downs for all. There is beauty in everyday life and the unknown can be exciting, intriguing and somewhat hopeful. There are people we haven’t met, places we haven’t visited, and the old adage that some of our best moments haven’t happened yet. 

Repeating something good is about to happen means that when life deals you a shitty hand, which it will because it’s not supposed to be all sweet all the time, it will weigh a little less on your shoulders as you trust in the fact it will eventually pass, and you relax knowing better days are on the way. 

A positive outlook and the way we think about things is so powerful in the outcome. Granted, finding out about brain surgery wasn’t an amazing moment. Learning to have patience whilst I recover, and learn to do seemingly simple things on my own, hasn’t been amazing either. But being in a constant state of believing that something good is just about to happen has made me excited even in a trying time.

We all have so much to be thankful for. It could be the smallest thing in the world, but when you start to believe that something good is about to happen you stop worrying about everything else and remember to become excited about life, no matter what it throws at you.

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