The Inspiration Behind the 'Don't Worry About a Thing' Bracelet

Don’t worry about a thing.

I must admit this song didn’t have much of a meaning to me until one night in Dubai 2016.

We had just had the best time at a brunch, laughing and dancing and feeling carefree and then Bob Marley – ‘Three little birds’ started playing. 

Dancing with my mom, she whispered in my ear “I love this song so much Sammy. Please can you play it at my funeral? It will remind you all not to worry as everything will be alright.”

Wait, what?

You’re going to die at some point?! 

Until this moment I, strangely, hadn’t thought about it. 

But I don’t want you to ever die, I thought.

Note to self: conversations about death + lots of alcohol = a perfect formula for tears.

Dubai 2016 – Seconds before she told me what song she would like at her funeral.

Over time I realised it didn’t have to be as bleak, nor as scary, as it sounded in that moment. It’s a part of life and as truly cruel and heartbreaking as it can be, it reminded me to enjoy every moment as much as I possibly can; be silly, be free, show up to everything and accept that everything is temporary.

So, I began loving this song despite thinking about burying my beloved mother every time it played. 

But fast forward to December 2018 when it gained its true meaning. 

My mom and I were the only people that knew about my surgery for the longest time. When we had just found out and got back in the car at the hospital, shocked and scared after receiving the news, it played. 

When I said goodbye to my sisters and nan earlier this year presumably for the final time before my surgery, but couldn’t tell them so instead gave them the biggest hugs, it played. As I welled up in the car, my mom said to me “this song always plays when I’m with you Sammy, it’s a sign”. 

When I was out with the girls having the best time, but they didn’t know, it played. Whilst listening to live music in Mexico and getting teary at the realisation that I was soon going to leave this dream holiday to have surgery, I took myself off to the toilet to have a quick moment and the band started to play it. I no longer felt alone despite no one around me knowing.

When I had just had my surgery and was still in hospital, unbeknown to my family, my sister later told me that my little niece weirdly started singing it around the house. Even this morning, after another incredibly trying time in the family, she sent me a picture of it playing as soon as she turned on the radio.

I cannot escape this song, nor do I want to.

It has followed me around all year and has honestly been a sign in some of the most trying moments. Some would argue that it’s a coincidence or say that it’s a popular song and it’s always on. But in times I can’t even tell others about because it would sound too bizarre, it started playing.

It’s a song that needs no explanation because the lyrics say it beautifully: don’t worry about a thing, cos’ every little thing is gonna be alright. 

And it will be.


  • Love this Sammy and the bracelet, i will order. Love you loads and I am so proud of you Kaddy xxx

    Karen Bond
  • Love this post Sammy and love my bangle I never take it off it reminds me how blessed I am to have you .
    So grateful 🙏🙏


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