6 Easy Ways to Have a Sustainable and Seasonal Christmas

Small changes make a huge difference to the environment and here are some ways we can be more eco friendly this Christmas.

1. Shop locally and support small businesses

Support small businesses and those that just started doing what they love to spread that joy to others. So much care and thought goes into a local product plus you’re guaranteed a gift that the recipient doesn’t already own.

2. Less is more 

Avoid buying stuff that will be thrown out or unused. Make every gift count with things that are meaningful and have purpose. Think about what people really love!

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3. Gift the unexpected

Most people love a handmade gift like cookies, hampers or jars. Every year I make my nieces and nephew Christmas Eve boxes filled with new pjs, books, activities, reindeer food, hot chocolate, sweets and other things to keep them occupied. Even the packaging is a cute brown box with an easy print label attached. 

4. Get creative with leftovers

We’re pretty good at using our leftovers throughout the year but most of us can be a little more wasteful at Christmas. My nan and I used to make a chocolate bake with all the leftover crappy chocolate flavours from selection tins, that no one eats. First melt all the chocolates together, pour mixture on top of a broken biscuit base and then pop into the fridge until set. Yummy!

Visit https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/christmas-leftovers for more recipe ideas.

5. Try having a ‘Good Deed December’

Don’t spend money if you don’t have to. Instead pledge to do something nice like donating toys to a charity shop or singing carols to the elderly. Visit 31 Ways To Have A Good Deed December for more tips!

6. Personalise your wrapping

Use eco friendly or brown paper for wrapping gifts and decorate with a few twigs or festive bits. Beautiful, sustainable and personalised!

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