31 Ways to Have a Good Deed December

December is known as the month of giving and there’s no better gift this year than the gift of kindness. So many simple things that require minimal effort, little money and truthfully, how rewarding does it feel to be kind and give to others? It will make you and the recipient feel amazing.  

31 ways to be kind this month:
  1. Write a thank you note to someone for something you appreciate
  2. Get creative and use your talents to bake, volunteer or fundraise for charity
  3. Bake Christmas cookies for neighbours
  4. Pay for a coffee or cover the bus fare for the person behind you
  5. Leave sticky notes with positive messages in public places 
  6. Take chocolates to the hard-working hospital staff on Christmas Eve
  7. Buy a hot chocolate, warm soup or sleeping bag for a homeless person 
  8. Pick up rubbish someone else has dropped
  9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  10. Donate toys or clothes to a charity shop 
  11. Donate food to a local food bank
  12. Leave a note inside a book at shop or library
  13. Give the postman a thank you card 
  14. Do a chore for someone in your family
  15. Intentionally Compliment someone
  16. Send 5 encouraging text messages
  17. Put loose change in collection buckets
  18. Support small businesses and shop locally 
  19. Leave candy canes on the windshields of random cars
  20. Let someone go ahead of you in a checkout line 
  21. Create a care package for someone in need 
  22. Smile at everyone you see!
  23. Hold the door open for someone 
  24. Volunteer an afternoon at a soup kitchen 
  25. Invite someone over for dinner 
  26. Leave a nice waiter or waitress a generous tip
  27. Help someone pack their groceries at the supermarket
  28. Sing an employees praises to management 
  29. Leave nice comments on social media platforms 
  30. Gift colouring books and crayons to the paediatric ward at a local hospital 
  31. Sing Christmas Carols, play board games, or just visit with senior citizens at a care home.

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