Inspiring You to Dream, Do, Breathe and Trust

Not that long ago I was thinking about what I really wanted BITB to stand for. The message has always been to encourage a positive mindset through any hardship or challenge that we go through. But I wanted to define this even more. I was thinking back through my recovery journey, and everything BITB has enabled me to do, and four little words cropped up. Dream. Do. Breathe. Trust.


I founded BITB whilst preparing for brain surgery and it became such a huge, welcomed distraction for me. I dreamt of the time when I was through the hard part in my chapter, and could instead focus my energy on designing beautiful products and connecting with others who needed that same support on their own journeys. I dreamt of what that might look like and what things I might write about. I had no idea that my journey would be quite as rocky as it has been. But that dream, and that picture of how I want my future to look, has been so crucial to helping me through this chapter, and guiding the next stage. For me, dreaming is about taking the time to think about what you really want, dreaming without limitations and getting clear on where you want to go.


There was a moment at the start of this journey when I realised I was mindlessly moaning about things I felt unmotivated to do, without appreciating that my abilities were soon about to change. This really highlighted the things I could do, and still does in a way, when I think back to the struggles I had post-brain surgery. Doing, for me, is therefore about feeling encouraged and motivated to take action. Be inspired to do more of whatever it is that you can do. Focus on your strengths and do more of those. Take action to make your dreams come true and know that 1% of daily progress adds up overtime.  


I've had to force myself so many times on this journey to really stop, be present and see how far I've actually come. It's so rare for us to do. We are so programmed to keep pushing forwards but we never really feel like we're getting anywhere until we look back and see that actually, those little steps did add up. Breathe and be present. Recognise the journey you're on and the progress you've made. Be kinder to yourself. Look after your health. Enjoy the steps along the way. Slow down and accept that life is not a race.


When I think about why I love 'something good is about to happen' and why I decided to inscribe those words onto a bangle at the start of 2019, I know that it's because they really make me accept that hardships are only ever temporary; everything will be okay because better days are on the way. The other quotes now continue to do that for me and offer their own guidance for different times in my life. Trusting, for me, is therefore about having faith in these words, and in the outcomes of your journey, and trusting that you are doing your absolute best. With the above steps - dreaming, doing and breathing - know that you're giving yourself the best chance. Now it's time to let go too. Stay positive, stay present and trust in the universe to guide you, and in your own abilities to handle whatever challenges life throws at you.

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