Mental Health Fix: Blogging for MYNDUP

I've recently started blogging for MYNDUP, which is an amazing 1-2-1 video service offering therapy, counselling, life and career coaching. The platform was founded by Joel, after his own mental health battle, and I felt inspired to reach out to them after reading how much their philosophy resonated with me.

Take a look at some of the posts I've written on the different types of counselling and therapy available:

Choosing the Right Therapist - a Breakdown of the Different Approaches

"It’s one thing to admit that we’re overwhelmed, distressed or just needing guidance, and direction, in an area of our lives. But it’s another to have to decide which therapy approach or counsellor is best suited to our concerns, when faced with so many..."

What Type of Counsellor Is Right for You?

"Through the exploration methods provided, counsellors will help guide you into finding your own solutions, making positive changes in your life and adopting coping mechanisms to help deal with your problems..."

What Is Life Coaching and What Are the Different Types?

“Usually, during sessions you will identify and overcome obstacles holding you back from your goals, rebalance your personal priorities, overcome limiting beliefs and develop skills, experience and traits that will allow you to obtain future opportunities..."

Visit the website to learn more about Joel's inspiring story and the services available - MYNDUP

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