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Hello all,

So early last year I changed the design of the bracelets to make the text slightly deeper than it is in this photo, whilst also adding new quotes.

The original bracelet designs had almost all sold out so I felt it was a great time, but that now means I've been hoarding a few gold and rose gold 'originals' as I just haven't known what to do with them.

I'm now holding a flash sale to rid these discontinued designs. They're all the exact same colours and material quality as the current designs, the text on these bracelets is just a slightly lighter engraving.

Only the gold and rose gold versions of the original 3 quotes, pictured above, are available and there is super limited stock of these discontinued designs.

They will be £13 unboxed with free UK delivery.

Please message me through the helper chat box, contact form, Instagram DM (@beautybrainuk) or email if you're interested in purchasing xx