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I recently found out astrocytoma brain tumours arise from star-shaped brain cells (not sure how I didn’t know this sooner?!) but there was something that really made me smile about that.

I can’t imagine I will ever find anything quite as challenging as receiving a brain tumour diagnosis, followed by brain surgery, a cerebellum stroke, facial reanimation surgery and the longest road to recovery. But weirdly, I’ve discovered so much beauty throughout this chaos - (the same reason BITB got its name.)

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I’ve met so many incredible people, shared stories of inspiration and hope, helped others who have helped me and proudly continued to support Brainstrust. Because of this, I’ve been able to find real meaning behind this madness and avoid becoming a victim to my circumstances.

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I’m sure others will think it’s a little bizarre that I now wear a necklace inspired by the shape of my brain tumour.. but to me it represents so much more.
I’ll wear it to be reminded of the strength it takes so many of us daily to get through this incredibly challenging journey. 

These aren’t available to buy but I’ll be gifting one with every order over £40*

*limited availability, gifted until out of stock. Gold and silver plated available 💫